Our clients are national and international companies, politically involved interest groups and media-exposed individuals from politics, industry and culture. We will be pleased to provide specific information on clients, networks and references upon request.

Ursula Fraefel & Partner advises clients on the development of strategies and concepts as well as their implementation. In our work, we place great emphasis on clear-cut strategic fundamentals, creative solutions and their effective implementation. We want you to succeed, and we do everything to ensure that success. Mutual trust is a precondition for this. 

We avoid conflicts of interest and assume no mandates from counterparties or direct competitors. This is the only way we can operate effectively with full commitment to our clients' interests and collaborate with them in finding the best solution for any given situation.

On matters of brand management, Ursula Fraefel cooperates with the Brandpulse agency. For visual implementations such as websites, publications and moving images, the best partners are selected from a broad network in each case. Many years of professional experience in media, politics and business vouch for our support with content and visuals of the highest grade.