Companies face growing demands; in this age of social media, it is expected that managers and business people take positions on socio-political issues. Those in political life, too, find new claims being placed upon them. To be successful, they need to further develop their brands and values. 

As a result of increased transparency demands from media and society, companies are limited in how much they can delegate sensitive issues to industry associations. They are expected to comment on complex matters such as migration and distributive justice, even if this is not directly related to their business. Commitment to sustainable social and environmental conditions is also expected. Corporate social responsibility is the term expressing this development. 

Media and societal change also mean that traditional political actors such as interest groups, chambers of commerce and political parties have to reposition themselves. In order to maintain appeal for their membership, they need to strengthen their values, develop their brands and communicate clear public messages. How best to address these developments? We are experts on socio-political strategy. We develop solutions and assist you with their execution.